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What is Atomica?

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Atomica autonomus risk trancing protocol was created to answer the strong market demand and fill the market gap in the DeFi portfolio protection. The Atomica team introduces the Nex Gen DeFi insurance protocol which marries DeFi insurance with investment products, which further evolved into an ecosystem with many unique selling propositions.

Think about “Balancer for insurance“ or "Lego kits" for the DeFi risk markets. Atomica platform provides the End to End risk management system or Insurance as a service.

The Atomica team has a successful track record in the Fintech, Blockchain, DeFi and insurance products development. The team has more than several decades of experience in the software development, risk analysis and insurance products design. Also, the team has strong DeFi risk and insurance market understanding. Previously, the Atomica team successfully developed the Automatic Liquidator protocol for the MakerDAO, UMA project and Cream finance.  The team is particularly proud to work on the decentralized insurance project Etherisc which solves real problems and makes life easier.


1 Billion Risk Pools

WE SEE A WORLD where most humans are onboarded onto Metaverse Economies; many because of the magic of risk transfer - one of the economic growth engines available to humankind. 

WE GET THERE by removing blockers preventing organic growth of demand or supply sides of emerging Web3 economies. 

WE MAKE IT INEVITABLE by maximizing the amount of risk in the Atomica's Automated Risk Market Maker protocol. 


The team goal is to make DeFi a better and safer place for everyone by developing DeFi protection and insurance services. We are working hard on the DeFi insurance democratization, we are planning to improve and simplify the insurance UX (user experience).

Unlike other DeFi insurance products, we are planning to provide the built-in insurance. Our insurance products can be easily embedded into 3rd party DeFi protocols. Users can choose the protection option directly in the deposit or stacking window.

After integration and embedding, DeFi projects can show the end users the protected yield or zero cost insurance. We believe easy to use UX and transparent protection can unlock DeFi mass adoption.

What problems are we trying to solve?

DeFi mass adoption stumbles by many fundamental unsolved problems:

  1. Safety. DeFi still looks like the wild west.

  2. Bad UX and Complexity. Many times users must go to the Ethereum mainnet to protect assets, although assets deposited in other L1/L2 networks.

  3. High protection cost and lack of coverage liquidity. Many DeFi users are now disappointed by the high insurance policy premiums and lack of coverage liquidity.

  4. Lack of flexibility. Most DeFi insurance projects offer the time fixed insurance. Users can choose only weekly or monthly insurance.

  5. Insurance transparency. Unclear claim and payout terms. DAO claim review can take a lot of time. Sometimes DAO claim resolution leads to a conflict of interest

How are we planning to solve these issues?

Atomica Risk Markets was designed to provide easy to use risk market building blocks for the Web 3.0 projects, affordable and transparent protection for the DeFi users.

  1. Our mission is to make DeFi a better and safer place for everyone. Our team is working hard on the DeFi insurance products democratization.

  2. Easy risk market creation and fast deployment. New risk markets can be created without touching a single line of code. Automated Risk Markets (ARMs) web wizards illuminate technical barriers, complexity and human mistakes.

  3. With Atomica Automated Risk Markets (ARMs) DAO’s and project owners can achieve swift results in terms of time to market and time to value. New auto protected and insured protocols and tokens can be deployed in as little as a few hours. Insurance is available immediately for 100% of users, without costly and time-consuming security audits. Users can purchase insurance and the dev team can commence the product immediately. 

  4. The protocol can provide instant real-time policy pricing. Additionally, DAO’s and project owners can provide liquidity to the first risk pool to reduce the insurance premium for the ecosystem users. Atomica also provides better utilization and safety of insurance capital.

  5. Automated Risk Markets (ARMs) calculate yield (premium) according to utilization rate of each pool — just like Compound. ARM may automatically keep a balance between the insurance pool yields and insurance cost. Other DeFi insurance protocols rely on human pricing policies (Actuaries). 

  6. Users can buy perpetual insurance policies. Protection policy will be valid as long as it is backed by money. In the backend, Atomica uses per second rates, which means short-term policies are now also possible.

  7. Risk market creators can choose between two claim resolution options, DAO or automated parametric claims. Automated parametric claims provide fast and transparent claim resolution without DAO conflict of interests. For example if stablecoin loses the Dep-Peg value, users can always get back 0.8x of stablecoin value.

  8. Atomica developed the SDK kit which includes Frontend operator, API and UI embedding web widgets. Atomica risk products can be easily embedded into 3rd party Web2.0 and Web 3.0 dApp UI. Anyone can show on the web site the policy status, current Risk Market rates, current Protected Yield, and policy buying web widgets.

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