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Earn Without Capital. Become a DAO Member.

Use this area to describe one of your memberships.

  • Become Pool Manager

    Perfect to earn without capital
    Free Plan
    • Weekly onboarding & support
  • Insured Alpha API

    Every month
    Follow the smart money: highest risk-adjusted yields in DeFi
    • Access to overview dashboard
    • Cover Rate API for Stablecoin Pools
    • Cover Rate API for LP Staking Pools
    • Cover Rate API for Single Token Staking Pools
    • Private Discord Community
  • Best Value

    Institutional Alpha

    Every month
    Risk adjusted yield API for your portfolio
    • All Insured Alpha API features plus:
    • Yield vs Cover rates for stablecoin/dual/single-token pools
    • Insured Yield API: risk-adjusted, principal-protected yields
    • Workshops on Special Topics of Interest
    • Personal Account Manager
    • Large Cover Bootstrapping
    • Automated Cover Position Scale Up/Scale Down
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